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Sunny Day What an intriguing mix! What wide up-front vocals! Everything sounds right 'there'- an accomplishment as it's often the way to a cheap home-made sound. Discordant elements show the art house intelligence creeping darkly beneath the surface of such an obvious happy tune.

If I Could Fly Computer Music

There's something very familiar about this song, but it could just be the 80s dressing that does it. Making a track that seems familiar is a cunning move, because there is an immediate audience association that's comfortable, like running into a dear, old friend,

Regardless of any familiarity, this is a fine song. with a great, dreamy, intimate vocal from the Twins (Tina and Tasha). . .

The bass synth holds this track together, as it rides over a strong, but sympathetic beat. The sixteenth-note percussion, along with the hi-hat, is the motor. The picture is completed by the swirling mist of ambient synths and guitars which brings a highly impressionistic quality.

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